Page 10 of 365 – Dance Stage and Sub-train Stories

img_3723.jpgI‘m grateful for sparkling eyes, feeling true passion in someone, genuine appreciation, real drive and lived purpose. For people who actually care, actually want to help, actually want to make real change and actually love to give.
For dreams coming true, ideas planting their seeds in our heads, being watered by pure love, for stars aligning and stories told on dance stages and sub-train rides. .
I’m grateful for this year, for the hearts we’ll touch, the magic we’ll create. For you counting on me and me feeling safe with you. For the silence after you just expressed honest emotions. That no more words needed silence. That thank you silence. Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for believing in me.
I’m grateful for seeing someone living out his mission, what he came here to do, for lights, epic stage designs, fake snow and pirouettes.
I’m grateful for this insane energy today, for the smiles I put on others’ faces, for the love I feel right now, love holding me tight, while freedom expands in my chest. Unlocked, released, unleashed 🕊 .
I’m grateful for New Year’s Eve plans brought to fruition, for getting the ball rolling on some epic 2018 goals, for laughs and little signs, for coy smiles, for a long overdue ginger tea date wich @helenareichrelations in our little corner at @mad_aboutjuice, goosebumps on my skin sharing how it feels to come back to life. For laughing and bubbling and so much more Jil in every cell of my body. No clouds. Warmth and devotion. Tenderness and emotion.

I’m grateful for morning meditations, listening to Louise Hay, for staying calm when things went crazy, keeping a smile on my lips no matter what, for utter bliss coming home after this busy but bloody beautiful day. For epic news, this anticipation for my time with @lindaboese over the next days, for a long phone call with my mom, for pumpkin seed butter and for speaking my truths without fearing how it might come across. I just can’t do superficial. I crave real. Deep connection. I will look into your eyes when we speak, feel your heart when you smile, connect with your soul when you let me. Feel hugged – and never stop believing in your dreams. #jjgratitudebook

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