Page 9 of 365 – That Soulmate Fire


I’m grateful for how one 5 min call with that soul mate floods my entire body with endorphins, lets me smile so big, takes my vision for a moment, gets me dancing on the street. How some connections are just so profound, so real, so pure that they can’t be described in words, making me wonder what we were in past lives and who you’ll be when I meet you again, forever thankful for having you in my life as a friend. And as much as my heart broke into bits back then – in recognizing you I found pieces of myself, in loving you I found home and in losing you my art…

Left in awe how beautifully orchestrated our play is here on earth. And how sinking into our role, into who we are here to be, gifts us with so much protection and guidance and this deep joy that trust installs in us.
Trusting what the universe wants to experience through me, no longer fighting, resisting, only surrender, just love.
I’m grateful for not letting waves of depression take me down these days, somehow running on just a few hours of sleep and still ticking to do’s of with presence and traces of ease. I’m grateful for tarot readings, the lamb and the whale guiding me through this wonderful January and into my power, in tune with my singing soul, learning to dance again, coming back to life in a completely new way, things getting real.
I can’t express how grateful I am for this more grounded state, for being able to challenge myself again, to show up for myself more and more, get things done, plan – even in the presence of fear establishing a new found trust.
How crazy last year was, how much time I spent all the way down there. Grateful how it is not despite but because of it that I am spreading my wings again. For not being attached to this state, realizing everything is impermanent, excited to work with my pain and not hide from it. And fucking grateful for relearning how to fly 🕊

I’m grateful for receiving @rawalignement’s coloring book 🌸 So crazy to hold it in my hands after watching her create this in her videos on the other side of the world. So magical how much energy it carries, enchanted by how much love she put into stroke ♥️

Picture by the wonderful Linda Böse.

Wearing Merijula. Because living in this brand. #fairfashion

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