Page 8 – Goosebumps Conversations

Today I am grateful for ice flowers on my window this morning, my gigantic red scarf keeping me warm, for a ginger tea date with @travelrunplay, no smalltalk, just diving right in, deep into all the things that I am passionate about, astrology and energies and perception and growth and quantum physics and healing and love, real love, universal love, compassion (+therefor veganism) and femininity and consciousness and community and connection. What we truly are and what we are here for.

But also opening up and sharing about trauma and death and self harm, about our pain, what it has taught us and how beautifully it has birthed our mission to share our story, help inspire and heal. For getting chills several time throughout our conversation, souls recognizing each other.
I’m grateful for a goal for 2018 already being manifested, for how powerful we truly are, especially when we do the deep inner work and change our subconscious beliefs – as those are what’s truly running the show about 90% of the time…

I’m grateful for getting an instant answer, a direct message from the universe about a question I had, a project unfolding in two minds this morning, while on the train to hamburg, and silently smiling into my heart as I passed our beautiful river, sunshine sparkling on the water. I’m grateful for being seen and valued, the more I see myself and not rely on others’ validation, but give and create and act from love. For that we are all connected and one and everyone of us a beautiful unique and important color of the rainbow. 
I’m grateful for walking through icy hamburg, for the old lady in the park, wrapped up in a blanket, smilingly reading a book, looking so content and happy and somehow mirroring exactly my state of being, the one that deeply knows that everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be, the one that’s building home within. I’m grateful for deciding against separation from someone who’s hurt me but instead calling him to let him know I understand he’s going through an intense phase, giving him space and assuring I still love and care about him. Only light can drive out darkness ✨ #jjgratitudebook

// shirt by @merijula

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