Page 7 of 365 – Sunny Sunday Stillness


I’m grateful for spending the whole night with my mom, finishing a 1000 piece puzzle till 5:30 am, with the secret mission to be tired enough tonight to fall asleep early and sleep through the night – fingers crossed… Definitely not the best treatment for insomnia but hey. I‘m so grateful for this family time, just being present with each other. Puzzling is great – highly recommend 😄

I‘mgrateful for this clear blue sky today, finally some sunshine in my face after lots of grey & rain, the fresh crisp air outside. I love these cold but sunny winter days… but can honestly say that I learned to appreciate every weather and it’s beauty and mood. Just as much as I love every phase of the moon, and every part of my own journey, valuing the magic of both ease and challenge, never wanting to shield myself from the full exhilarating experience of the present moment – as wild the storm might be: I’d forever rather walk that rocky road of truth than seeking a sense false safety by living in illusion. Equally enjoying both darkness and light, drowning and heights. Falling in love with every turn and crevasse being part of this unfolding adventure.

But instead of fighting against myself in this pursuit of truthfulness, I more and more understand to have deeper compassion for myself, for my highly sensitive nature, every aspect of this wild soul. Learning that patience gives me wings to soar, building that net of love to catch me whenever I lose balance.

I‘m grateful for working on a Sunday, building a basis for what’s to come, grateful for so much stillness within me today, spending the last few hours on the couch, listening to music, studying astrology, getting fascinated by planetary aspects and symbolism. No anxiety I have to run from, no pain I’m trying to numb. Rather accepting that fear is absolutely beautiful and vital, as it’s not the absence of fear we should strive for but to learn to let it guide us when it’s necessary and where we can conquer it, cultivating real courage instead of being controlled by our reactions… #jjgratitudebook
// sweater by @halt_apparel – H elping A ll L iving T hings ♥️ #veganfashion

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