Page 6 of 365 – A Fusion Of Extremes


Today I‘m grateful for my matcha skin peeling, meditating with my crystals, the beauty of ritual, sandalwood helping me to tune into guidance and intuition, bringing me into an open and receptive state, for listening to my recorded affirmations and visualizing…

Grateful for taking the bus to see my family as I love being on busses or trains, puzzling with my brother all afternoon, listening to music, chatting, learning new things about him, it’s so beautiful when we are fully present with our loved ones and get to know little aspects about them we might have never noticed or spoken about. I’m so proud of my baby brother, he’s surprising me over and over again. I’m grateful for us getting the giggles together, laughing till my belly hurt which hasn’t happened in the longest time. .

I’m grateful for ginger tea and looking through childhood mementos, for being triggered and just letting the dark cloud pass, remaining non reactive, observing the rising panic within me, just breathing through it… and then finding peace again. For anyone with past trauma / mental health issues, you might understand how precious these tiny victories are… 🌪 .

I’m grateful for my constant desire to learn, to know, to understand and grow, for my quest of exploring beyond any limitations and society’s conditioning, for my ability to ask the right questions and fearlessly pursuing this adventure of truth. For being this fusion of extremes and contrasts. I’m grateful for respecting myself enough to make an important cut, walk away where I’m treated poorly. .

For daydreams and laying wide awake at night – because that’s just how it is right now, and for the treasures I find in those sleepless hours. I’m grateful for deepening friendships, mutual care, more and more love in my life the deeper I sink into my heart space, dive further into the waters of my soul and learn to accept every aspect about myself I come across. I’m grateful for never judging, not labeling, for how I can hold space for others and slowly for myself… #jjgratitudebook

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