Page 5 of 365 – Some Things Never Change & Nothing Lasts Forever


I‘m grateful for laying in the bathtub this morning (or rather at almost noon since I had terrible insomnia last night..), letting ice cold water run over my body for a few minutes, feeling and breathing into the sensations, overcoming that initial hurdle. And the relief afterwards. The tingling. Alive.

I‘m grateful for a Sam Smith yoga flow in sweatpants that turned into dancing, moving, releasing, another little bit of protective wall burst away, for jasmine incense, for finally setting up a proper meditation corner with a huge candle and all the sacred pieces I’ve collected last year, excited for what I’ll come across next to add to it… .

I‘m grateful for cacao coconut water, girls sticking together and for voice messages that speak to something deep within me, so much so that I have to listen to them several times… I’m grateful for putting myself in scary places, or making plans to do so, entering those territories far outside my comfort zones to conquer fears and stay true to my resolution to say yes more often and don’t hide from social events, but also for staying mindful of how much I can put on myself without doing any harm, or at least trying to do so. We‘ll see how it goes I guess, the next weeks are packed. . I’m grateful for putting my dreams out there and trusting. Somehow knowing deep within and letting go. And those signs sent from above or below or within or beyond? Those little synchronicities, angel numbers and instant manifestations… .

I’m grateful for all the exciting things coming this year, for changes and things that will always stay the same, like the people that‘ll forever put a smile on our faces, or the joy that floods my heart whenever I look into a clear night sky, counting stars and falling in love with the moon over and over again, or those sunsets that, for a few minutes, put everything on fire, reminding us that nothing lasts forever and how beautiful it is when we surrender… #jjgratitudebook

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