Page 4 of 365 – 2018, I can feel you!


I’m grateful for intense dreams, for meditation allowing me to somehow start the day in a calm positive mood, grateful for walking through the cold rain with a smile on my lips, for that gratitude, that genuine appreciation and this beautiful sense of excitement in between tears and craziness: 2018, I can feel you and you amaze me already.

This year is all about building, about creating, manifesting, taking action, about applying what the last two years taught us. About truthfulness. It will force us to make decision. To actually choose – life, love, ourselves. More being than pretending. More combine than compete. More yes than no. More together than alone. I’m grateful for the amazing friend @lindaboese is, for hugging her today, getting to know her sweet dad, catching up over smoothies and banana bread at @happenpappen.veganverliebt, making plans and getting excited.

Grateful for beautiful Hamburg, for buying candles and persimmons, journalling on the train, doing everything I can to keep my vibrations high – and actually, yeah, learning to ride these waves. For home office hours that ran by so fast today. It’s already way past my bed time and I have to force myself to close my laptop, oh well I’m grateful for that structure I’ll hopefully find, for that sweet balance so that I don’t overload myself.

I’m just so glad that I manage to do so much right now – but therefor I need to prioritize self care and healthy routines… Because one major goal is to finally fully recover, really heal my adrenal fatigue, get my period back and just feel healthy and fit again. It’s such a vicious cycle oftentimes but I’m grateful for my optimism and for never losing hope. For affirmations and reprogramming my mind. For seeing how much progress I’ve made. For actually making myself proud.

And somehow, on the way, being a source of inspiration. I’m so humbled when I read your messages. Thank you for being part of my journey. And here it is, 2018, 12 new chapters waiting to be written. Let’s make every letter count.

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