Page 3 of 365 – Now Is How We Heal


Honestly I’m so happy with my decision to start my #jjgratitudebook again this year. It was such a big part of my life in 2016… There’s something really special about sharing these private posts daily and it means a lot to me!! So today started with a headache and in general just feeling quite blahh.

But then I showered and deep cleaned my whole apartment while listening to the @richroll podcast (what else?!) – and damn I’m so grateful for having a clean and tidy space now. I used some white sage incense to cleanse my bedroom which I got as a gift at a sweat lodge ceremony back in LA in September and so I thought about sweet @leia_vita. I’m so grateful for the time I spent with her and can’t wait to see her again this year…

I’m grateful for catching up with my step sister in the afternoon, which was so so overdue. We haven’t had a proper chat in so long and I’m so grateful she came over for a tea. Grateful for a super productive evening, for the crazy storm outside that makes me appreciate my warm & cosy place even more and this atmosphere it creates, idk, there’s just something special about it. For bananas with pumpkin seed butter, for candles and hazey tunes while getting through paperwork and mails.

I’m grateful for @johnjosephcromag, who’s words always come right when I need to hear them, who’s story inspires me so deeply. Grateful for being honest with someone who hurt me today, respecting myself enough to speak up about it but remaining calm and totally coming from a place of love. I’m grateful managing to stay above the water somehow at the moment and even, finally tonight, finding some peace again, some stillness in the storm, for laying in bed already, ready to wind down, read a bit and then do my evening meditation.

For writing this and knowing that some might read the whole text, connect with me through my words, reflect on their day and find things, moments, big or small, that they are grateful for right now. Gratitude grounds us. Erases anxiety and worry. Connects us to the here and now. To this time space reality. The beautiful present moment. There is so much power, so much beauty in devoting ourselves to the now. Whether we are sitting in meditation, writing an essay, working on a project or cleaning a bathtub. Giving yourself fully to the task you are doing. That is how we heal. Learn. Grow. There’s no need to rush. To stress. To compare. You are protected. Even in the wildest storm. Surrender. Allow. Love. Good night you beautiful being.

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