Page 2 of 365 – Supermoon Manifestation


Today I‘m grateful for falling asleep with my hypnosis meditation last night, for intense dreams and despite waking up so many times still getting a lot of sleep, which was so needed. I started the day with a long and intense introspection / journaling / visualizing session, mindmapping goals and wishes, writing everything down, seizing this supermoon energy to manifest my visions for 2018 🔮

I‘m trying hard to not let yesterday’s shocking news drown me, to remain positive, to keep moving and focus on love…🕊 I‘m grateful for getting lots done today, for finding my Christmas package for @lindaboese that got lost in the mail, for a walk to my little local organic store, for knowing that my family is on the way back home and that I’ll finally get to hug them again. Starting into the new year with such a tragic loss really brings to the forefront where we should place our priorities for the months ahead… Part of my manifestation earlier was to formulate my intentions in present tense – because in order to attract anything into our live we need to match our frequencies to that which we desire, we need to feel and act as if it already happened, we need to allow. And so I’m grateful for all the magic I’ll experience in 2018, I’m grateful for the effortless heartspace connection I feel, for the beautiful souls I’m surrounded by. I’m grateful for all the sunrises and sunsets, every adventure I’ll be heading on, every country I’ll explore and every new thing I will try and learn. For heights and beaches and city lights. Creating and giving. Passion and devotion. For the hearts I’ll touch and the change I’ll inspire. I’m grateful for flow, balance, patience and peace. Just as much as for extremes, because that’s just how I am – and for fun, so much fun and laughter. I’m grateful for healing, both emotionally and physically, for love, falling in love, giving love, receiving love. For long hugs and longer nights. For intention and intuition, for the home in myself and the ones I create for others with my words. I love you ♥️ #jjgratitudebook [pic by @justinnewmann, chasing a sunset somewhere in Arizona]

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