Page 1 of 365 – The #jjgratitudebook Is Back


Starting into the new year with an old ritual: my #jjgratitudebook ✨ I wasn’t sure whether I’m gonna start this again in 2018 but I received lots of requests from you guys – and today it feels 100% right, so here we go!

page 1 of 365 💫 Today I’m grateful for spending New Year’s Eve at @luiseliebt‘s place with super sweet people, card readings and fortune cookies, lovely conversations and midnight fireworks at the Alster, where I made the probably most meaningful memory of 2017 last summer. For calling my closest ones at midnight, genuine „I love u“s, big eyes and an even bigger smile on my face. I’m grateful for coming home save despite an uncomfortable situation on the train, for ending the night with cake and chocolate – and not stressing about it. I‘m grateful for waking up with positive excitement for the year ahead, for sweet New Years messages and knowing that my family is save and happy… Then I received a call from @lindaboese that instantly froze my heart, took my breath and light. @kimspiriert died last night after fighting cancer for a long time. But as much as this shocks and hurts me, as numb as I feel since then – I am so grateful that I got to know this strong woman, this fighter, this lion. So grateful that she chose to share her story openly to remind us all to not take our health for granted, to really appreciate and seize the time we are given, and to care for and love each other – which in the end is all that matters. I’m grateful that she is not suffering anymore. Kim, you’ll be in my heart forever 🕯 My thoughts and prayers are with your family, @luderchris and close friends ♥️

Every day is so precious. Let’s live with intention. Give as much love as we can. Really listen to each other and use our voice to inspire positive change. And take care of our bodies because health truly is our greatest wealth.
Ending the first day of 2018 with tears in my eyes, a grieving heart but also so much love, for Kim, my dear friend Linda, for every single one of you. Thank you for being here and for letting me be ♥️ here’s to 364 pages to fill.

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