Let’s talk about inner beauty

True beauty comes from within. That’s nothing new – yet we get swept away by all these expectations we place on ourselves to look a certain way and fit society’s beauty standards. We spend so much energy focusing on superficial things, failing to actually take care of our inner self. But only when we say YES to ourselves – in every possible aspect, when we cultivate that self love, only then we can shine from within.


Especially on social media there is so much importance placed on outer beauty, the latest trends, the best beauty products, tips and tricks to “perfect” your appearance, constantly presenting us even prettier pictures of staged highlights with even better filters promoting this totally contrived sense of beauty – and often feeling like a slap in the face when we compare our fresh-out-of-bed-reflection with the vastness of pictures and videos we just scrolled through on our phones. And while we totally blind ourselves to the fact that we only see what others decide to share and obsess about strategically constructing our own appearance to get that “social approval” we forget to take care of our inner world leaving us feeling totally empty and disconnected.
We delude ourselves into thinking that by reaching a certain number on the scale or completing our look with the latest hand bag or shoe trend we will somehow become better, more lovable, more desirable, more acceptable.

But self love does not magically happen when we get “there”. There’s no “there” to get to. Self acceptance begins here and now, within you. How you feel on the inside affects everything else in your life. This was a painful lesson for me to learn. We cannot rely on anything outside of ourselves to give us validation. In fact we can only attract real loving friendships into our lives when we begin to love ourselves.

We are our own worst critic – all the pressure we put on ourselves we would never burden a loved one with. But the separation we create from our own soul manifests in unfulfilling relationships and we get hurt over and over – until we make the conscious decision to take care of the most important relationship we’ll ever have. The one with ourself.

We can only give to the world when we learn to truly give to ourselves.

Allow these words to sink into your soul, your spirit, your mind. Allow just a small part of you to start to believe them. Start nurturing that seed planted deep within.

You are loved for who you are, simply for existing. And no one will love you more or less based on your outer appearance. It’s that constant battle against yourself that’s blocking the way, it’s the labels we aim to put on ourselves, feeding our ego and the illusion of separation.

To me nutrition is a very important aspect of this – and yes, going vegan was a first step, a first portal towards self love. Ironically, I made this decision for superficial reasons at first. I went vegan because it was the only thing I hadn’t tried yet in order to balance out my hormones. After going off the pill I had gained a lot of unhealthy weight, my face was full of acne and I had lost touch with myself completely – feeling unhealthy and just miserable. I had tried so many diets, so many fads, pills, shakes, etc. – nothing worked because my hormones were totally out of balance.

Going vegan was the last straw to “get my body back” but soon enough this became so much more than a “fix” for my health problems or the solution to clear skin and weight loss. For the first, time I actually started taking proper care of myself, prioritising true health over appearance. Because I understood that truly healing my body would take time.

Making the connection between the foods I ate and the health state of my body and mind was a vital part of this beautiful process of falling in love with myself. Practicing compassion should not end with our food choices and the conscious decision to fuel my body only with cruelty free, whole plant foods not only changed my health for the better but opened a door towards self actualisation. I started educating myself and building healthy habits to nourish and respect every part of me. Meditation, affirmations and self reflection through journalling became part of my routines. I opened my eyes and heart to the truth of what we are: so much more than a thinking mind in a physical body.

The more I accepted myself the way I was, with all breakouts, water retention and bloated belly and the less attention I placed on reaching superficial goals, the more I healed.

And the journey within never ends – and that’s the beauty of it. Life will always provide us with opportunities to look even deeper inside, to get to know ourselves even better, to let go of unhealthy patterns and shed layers of conditioning.

You are needed. You came here with a totally unique mission. No one could ever replace you. It’s your responsibility to show up as who you are meant to be in this world. If you are eating food that makes you feel terrible and you’re spending much of your time focused on trying to change your appearance you are wasting your precious time on this planet and in this body. You have things to do. It’s time to do them. So become your own best friend. Create a place within yourself that feels like the warmest hug you ever received. And to get there you might have to spend more time in child’s pose than killing yourself on the treadmill…! Get to know your beautiful messy self, reconnect to the little child within. What makes you smile? What is it that makes your heart beat faster?

Nourishing your body with more plant foods and banishing junky foods and animal products from your plate is a massive act of self love. Choosing a plant based lifestyle saved me in so many ways and that is why I am so passionate about promoting this message and supporting companies that share the same values and provide vegan alternatives. Therefore, I’m more than happy to team up with Provamel! I will be at the GLOW beauty fair in Berlin this Sunday, supporting Provamel in their mission to promote inner beauty, to shine a light on what it means to say yes to ourselves and truly shine from within. I will take you guys along with me in my IG stories and you’ll find a recap of my experience at the event here on my blog next week.

Provamel has been producing plant-based, organic and gmo free milk alternatives for over 30 years while respecting our beautiful planet and even taking action against climate change: They became the first European food company to be part of the WWF Climate Savers programme in 2011. I’m so happy to see more and more vegan products in the supermarket shelfs and companies like Provamel play a vital part in making this lifestyle more accessible and “normal” because hey there should be nothing more normal than eating and living in a way that is not harming any other being! They have such a broad range of products from the classic soy milk to cashew or macadamia based alternatives – literally anyone can find something that suits their taste buds.

Have you tried their products already? Do you have a favorite? I think mine is the unsweetened almond milk – but I’ll tell you more after I tried myself through all their products this weekend!

If you happen to be in Berlin this Sunday come and say hi! I’ll be at the Provamel stand creating delicious smoothies for you!!

Let’s be PRO! Pro nature. Pro compassion. Pro sustainability. Pro health. Pro community. And most importantly: Pro yourself


In collaboration with Provamel .

4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about inner beauty

  1. Maddy says:

    Jil ❤
    this is unbearable beautiful. You nourish the souls of all your readers, I even think that I can feel your energy vibrating towards me 😀 It is so wonderful to follow your story, your path. One flourishes with it. If I will look back on my own journey someday, your words will very surley come to my mind … I even "hear" them when I sometimes get lost on a walk through nature …
    You give so many of your readers hope. Its a true gift that you are sharing: being so true so raw on such an open, unprotected platform, It sometimes even hurts to be confronted with it … Since I "met" you I finally give my emotions more freedom….
    Your are a wonderful being and I hope you will have a meetup in Berlin sometime soon where I can meet you 🙂 (sadly I cannot come to GLOW)
    Lots of love ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jil says:

      Hey Maddy… Oh girl, I have goosebumps reading your words. This means so so much to me and being able to connect with you in this way is incredibly beautiful. Thank you for being here, thank you for feeling me. And YES!!! Please let’s meet in Berlin soon!! I will try and arrange another meet up in the next weeks. Sending love and a big big hug! ♥


  2. Hamide says:

    Hi jil! I really liked your post. I want to go vegan. I have the same problems😕 but about going vegan what do you reccomend to me? I read that organic eggs and fish healthy should I cut all the animal food? Are you consuming any kind of sugar except fruits?


  3. Manisha Sareen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Jil!
    It is so true if anyone truly wants to be happy they have to work on themselves internally!
    That is the best advice ever. I am currently a vegetarian and on my path to becoming vegan!
    I look forward to reading more blog posts from you, keep up the amazing work!


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