My Favourite Workouts & How I Keep My Boobs Save (ad)

Studioworkout_02_028One of the most frequently asked questions I get is what my workout routine looks like. So first of all I want to say that everybody is different and I want to encourage you to find a routine and style of training that fits YOUR lifestyle and body. There is no point in trying to do the exact same thing as someone else is doing because at the end of the day you are not going to stay consistent and get real results if you don’t enjoy your workouts. Some people love lifting heavy weights at the gym while others enjoy long bike rides in nature – and for you it might be playing volleyball or dancing ballet (which I did for many years). You can stay active in so many different ways! Don’t be afraid to try out different things until you find something that you truly enjoy. I used to often let insecurities win when it came to trying new sports – so a little reminder to all of us: it’s not about being good at something right away – it’s about taking ourselves on a journey, discovering ourselves and what our beautiful bodies are capable of.


I actually never really have a fixed routine and I love switching things up from time to time but throughout the last years my workouts usually were a mix of cardio like running or spinning and functional training consisting of body weight exercises, yoga and lots of stretching. Sometimes I love adding some weights in to spice things up a bit or try out a new kind of sports, like wake boarding last summer.

Although I’m grateful for having access to a gym nearby I really enjoy getting out in nature for my workouts. Doing yoga while the sun is rising or heading out for an evening jog through the woods fuel my soul immensely. I also want to mention here that I don’t really see yoga as a workout – but part of my spiritual practice. I got into yoga about 3 years ago but it hasn’t been until recently that I started practicing daily – even if I can only squeeze in 15 mins. Yoga is so much more than doing fancy poses or becoming more flexible. Yoga is about getting in touch with ourselves, connecting body, mind and soul. And therefor it has been a vital part of my recovery – and self discovery journey. It’s something I would honestly recommend to all of you. And no, you don’t have to be flexible to do it. It’s incredibly beautiful what can happen when we dive into it. There are so many different styles of yoga – there will be one that suits you ♥︎


Because of my adrenal fatigue (check out my last blogpost) I’m currently not doing any high intensity sports and focus on power walking, yoga and some toning exercises.

Last week I was at the #coverprfitnessweek with Triaction by Triumph at Stanglwirt in Tirol and our amazing trainer Svjetlana showed me some workouts I can incorporate without raising my heart rate too much or stressing my adrenals even more.

I also got the chance to learn about how vital a good sports bra is and try out the Triaction bras. I love that Triaction not just goes for style but especially places importance on actually supporting and protecting our breasts in the best way possible. We should never sacrifice our health for style. I get it – we all love a nice looking workout outfit but if we choose our gear only based on prints and colours we totally miss the point. We train for our fitness and vitality – so we should always make sure that we support our bodies the best way possible and do no harm by wearing cheap low impact bras.

Inadequate breast support can make us feel uncomfortable, distract us and affect our confidence. We should be able to focus 100% on our workout. Depending on your cup size your breasts can actually bounce a few centimeters! Breasts are held by fibrous strands and when our breats move up, down and sideways during workouts they get stretched which leads discomfort and even pain while and to them dropping over time, because they do not return to their original length.

Triaction bras reduce the impact on our breasts by around 70-80% and offers sports bras from two different categories: Studio and cardio. There is not one bra for every type of workout – just like we don’t run a marathon in a ballet slipper.

Their products were tested and certified by a research group for breast health at the University of Portsmouth. They discovered that about 70% of women wear a wrong-sized bra for training which can cause irreparable damage to the breasts – enough reason for me to educate myself on the features a good sports bra should have and find one that actually suits me. A lot of technology and innovation goes into these Triaction bras to offer one of the highest support levels available in the market.

The studio bras are perfect for low / medium intensity workouts like yoga, hiking and weight training. From all the different styles I picked the Magic Motion in black. It fits perfectly and doesn’t affect my practice while still forming a nice silhouette. It comes with flexible metal free wires, soft cups and an anti bacterial moisture control – which will come in handy for hot yoga or more intense weight sessions.

The cardio bras are for those of us that enjoy high impact trainings, like HIIT, running, boxing or dance. When I tried “high support” sports bras in the past I often found that they were too tight and even affected my breathing – which impacts the quality of our training in such a negative way. This Boost Lite sports bra by Triaction was the first one I ever wore that not only kept my boobs in place even during our boxing session but also felt super comfortable and did not interfere with my breathing space. It has extreme bounce control, comes with padded, adjustable straps and a push up effect – instead of pressing the breasts down like other bras I wore before. I have an A cup – so often I found my chest looking quite flat in workout clothes. This one fits perfectly, looks good, feels good and keeps my breasts in place.

BTW: How fun is boxing??? I can’t wait to really get into it when I’m better. Cheers for the great session Björn!


I definitely think it’s important to take some time to find a good quality sports bra that actually supports you in the best way possible during your workout – so you can fully dive into the activity. Don’t be intimidated to ask for a fitting in store. And you might wanna think twice if a bra costs less than 15€!

10_Cardioworkout_02_042 copy.jpg

I also would love to let you know, that you can become part of the new Triaction team: Simply post a picture of your favorite workout to Instagram with the hashtag #TeamTriaction2. You can win a fitting, a full sport outfit, personal training and of course you are going to be part of the Triaction challenge in 2018.

In collaboration with Triumph

Pictures by Maximilian Baier.

3 thoughts on “My Favourite Workouts & How I Keep My Boobs Save (ad)

  1. superfitbabe says:

    Wow, these sports bras look really nice! Normally I HATE wearing bras (I wear bralettes for the most part), but sports bras are definitely important for maintaining a healthy chest and back! Great post with beautiful photos as always ❤️


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