Too much

Too much of a good thing can be really fucking great.

Too much faith, faith feeling like home. Cause your presence holds me smoothly, let’s me breath, gives me reason and sleep tight. Too much I see you, I believe in you and you in my light. Too much trust, trust that doesn’t count, doesn’t need, doesn’t demand. Trust not in you, not in me, but in us and in what we will be. Too much respect, that no backtalk respect, when ‘of course’ is the only answer left, too much no-question-yes. Too much dream come true and never expected wonder. Too much magic, too much pull. Too much night, touch, kiss. Too much that I had missed. Too much happy and sparkle when I sing your songs, too much I’m yours and that is where I belong. Too much free and flying, higher, too high. Too much collecting moments, too much living dreams and dying pain. Too much treasure in your heart, too much appreciation for your art, too much never going to be apart. Too much forever and never too much you. ☄

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