Should know better

Breathing in your presence, colliding, drowning, searching our names in the sky, touching your stars and you under my skin. I should know better don’t I. Can’t rely on my heart to beat it cause it’s yours now, or has been all this time. Your high intoxicates me, your smile cracks me, falling in your lows and in love with every dimension of you, with the hurricanes of your mind, the beauty of your soul. All these forevers my heart screams when I loose myself in your universe, pretending time didn’t pass, pretending I’m awake in my dreams and still asleep in your arms. Still trying to put into words what a gift you and every second was, what it means to have found you, and me in you and my weakness in your strength. How I thought you made me weak when it was you who made me see my wings and fly. I understand the silence between your words and you read my most inner secrets, capturing every moment, getting drunk on you, escaping from the real world, further down on that high, letting imagination be my fuel. Nothing was as heavy as your absence but how I know now it was me that was lost, how I know I will forever have you close, wherever you are and whoever you choose to be, I’m forever drifting in and out of you. Every breath, every pulse, every thought.

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