Let’s be wild

The idea is to basically live forever, to die young but as late as we can 💫 Love stories beginning in the middle of the night, like a sudden storm, flooding our empty souls. Hurricanes in our minds. Wild lilies in our hearts. Kissing with fever, sweat on our skin. Writing novels about the miracles you let me see. Not afraid of scars. Not scared to fall. Sometimes we shine brighter than the sun. Some days I collapse in your lap and you break into questions and fears. Yet the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

4 thoughts on “Let’s be wild

  1. Lea says:

    Liebe Jil, du schreibst immer so so schön und ich liebe es deine Youtube Videos zu schauen, deine Instagram Posts zu lesen oder auch hier auf deinem Blog herumzustöbern. Deine Rezepte mach ich übrigens immer nach (die Weihnachtsbrownies waren immer mein Frühstück 😀 ) Du bist eine tolle, inspirierende Person. Ganz viel Kraft an dich! ❤
    LG, Lea ( http://notizenbuch.blogspot.com )

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