Life wrapping arms around my soul, feeling everything so deep is giving me wings, flying higher, breaking free, seeing clear, releasing fear- still able to breathe, not running away, still on my way, love getting under my skin, into my bloodstream or where it’s really coming from because realizing it was myself all this time, me and what I feel not what you feel or they do or say cause how do I even know and it was all just the way, the way I feel and breathe and love and sing and create and it was my strength and faith and trust. But trust in me, in what I can be and what I always was, always will be. How I always thought I need a you, like a someone, somebody holding my hand, guiding my soul, telling me rules, teaching me life. Always searching for this you – but in a you, in you I found me. And there was never anything more I needed, all it took was in me and I succeeded. Cause if I let anyone in, close, without the right goals, with wrong aims and false claims then I break myself cause I don’t trust myself, don’t hear that voice, don’t listen, don’t fight for my freedom. But hell yes, I know now, I now see. Freedom kicking in, forgiving what I’ve done, evolving into what I’ve become, releasing guilt and them and all yous cause to really be a you for you or them is being me, not you, loving me first, then you, trusting me always and forever more than you. It is spreading my wings not admiring yours, it is kissing my scars before touching your stars and knowing that wherever I went wrong this year and all the years before was exactly right, cause just right now I can feel me, yes the real me, so totally free.

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