Welcome ♥

Oh, I am so happy right now. My own website. A blog. The start of something new (immediately had to think about High School Musical, anyone else? hahahh).

A website was in my head for a really long time now but blogging?

Well, I love writing. I love sharing my thoughts with you. And I love creating recipes. Up until now I used Instagram for that purpose. And of course my Youtube videos. But I want more. More space. And no restricted captions. (You probably noticed that “read more” update on IG? – So annoying…)

I always had so much respect for blogging, I never thought I could do that. I always lose the thread. I always have way too many thoughts in my head. Would anyone even read what I write?

But hey, if you never try you’ll never know right? So last week I made the decision to start a blog. For my thoughts on certain topics, information about veganism, my passions, for my creative writing, for my photography, for my recipes and food tips. Just a place for all the things I love.

Welcome to jilicious-journey.com!

There’s an “About Me” Page in the Menu “Info”, some FAQ’s and books I love (updates coming). I also started a section called “Why Vegan” where you can find a list of books and documentaries I recommend. The sections “For The Animals”, “For Our Planet” and “For My Health” are still under construction. Yep that’s me. I’m impatient. But I wanna provide high quality information for you guys and want to take enough time. And I was too excited about this website to wait with the launch.

“Ask Me Anything” is taking you over to my Tumblr Page where you can ask me all your questions (anonymously if you want). And “Youtube” to my Youtube Channel. Makes sense right?

I think that’s it for now… I am so excited about this new “chapter” and to hear what you guys think (leave me a comment, that would be so nice!) You are a big part of this, I wouldn’t be where I am today without your support. Haha yes I am a bit emotional right now. Maybe also because it’s the first Sunday of advent.

Sending a big warm hug to you!

J ♥

13 thoughts on “Welcome ♥

  1. Liza Hilman says:

    Well done, happy for you;) I recently started following you on IG because I transitioned into plant based diet and your page is so helpful and inspiring, thanks for that! Your recipes and pictures are seriously very yuuuumm! I also have a blog, its lizahilman.com ; would be grate if you check it out.
    Sending you #NiceCreamLove 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Liz says:

    Omg im so happy 😁 You inspired me a lot. Im trying to get healthier and my goal for this year is to be in the best Shape of my life. I love your recipes and your videos!! You have a huge fan inMéxico!! Tienes una fan acá!! Soy mexicana y me encantan todas tus publicaciones!!! I love you!!


  3. Cookietwin says:

    Hallo *wink*, ich folge dir auf Instagram und habe dein Bild gesehen, wie du dich seit 2013 verändert hast. Mit deinem Kommentar dazu kann ich mich so gut identifizieren, dass ich beschlossen habe, deinen Weg nach zu verfolgen und zu gucken, ob ich darin vlt auch die Kraft finde, für mich einen Weg zu finden, der dauerhaft gesund und lebensbejahend ist… Ganz liebe Grüße, Sara


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