Page 18 of 365 – Light Shining Through The Cracks


For how much time has passed without any panic attacks or major anxiety, for how I manage to keep those frequencies high, for living so much again, out of love, for love, in love, to love.
Grateful for universal truths sinking deep into my subconscious mind, or rather, actually remembering. On the deepest level. Knowing. Realizing my healing power, my senses beyond the human form. For souls meeting me in their dreams, you reading these texts and allowing me into your life. Us healing together, connection. Community.  Continue reading

Page 16 of 365 – A Real Inner Shift


I‘m grateful for being safe back home after quite a turbulent berlin trip, for winding down, candlelight and ‘devil wears prada’ being the perfect movie after fashion week craziness, for a huge dinner salad to fuel my cells, grateful for matcha mint tea to wake me up this morning after just a few hours of sleep, Linda and I staying so positive while things got a bit crazy, for taking care of each other, honest appreciation and so many funny moments. I’m grateful for creating together, for getting lots of work done in between car towing, photoshoots and trying to plan the next few weeks, upcoming projects and jobs.
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Page 14 of 365 – Vibing So Very High


I’m grateful for all this motion. For things taking off. For these first two weeks of 2018 ⭐️ Two weeks that were so full of magic, of manifestations, of you and me. Of connection and connecting. And knowing and getting to know. Of deep talks and deeper eyes 👁 No tumbling, no falling, no doubts, no regrets, no stagnation, no holding back. Full of dance and doing, turning dreams into plans, expressing and giving, striking roots to find grounding while vibing so very high ✨ . Continue reading

PBJ Pancakes (vegan & healthy!)


Ahh how much I love preparing food for other people! And especially when I can surprise them with how delicious and satisfying a healthy plantbased recipes can taste.

After over 3.5 years of being vegan I sometimes can’t believe that so many people still think this diet is restrictive and you basically chew on celery sticks all day. Far from! You can enjoy healthy but delicious vegan meals without missing out on anything. And honestly guys, I’m not the type of person that stands in the kitchen for hours, creating recipes with 76439 ingredients. All my meals are quite simple and I never weigh or measure anything!

So my friend Linda is staying with me at the moment and today I decided to make some vegan pancakes for her.

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