Spreading Seeds

When you have a certain mission, a strong message you want to spread – you can’t just always surround yourself with people who are already in your team. To make a change we have to step out of our comfort zone from time to time. You guys know how much I value social media to share stories and create inspirational content – but I also really enjoy to get out into the real world, meet new people and discuss ideas and topics close to my heart without hashtags and a like button. 


Jil at a conventional beauty fair? 

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Let’s talk about inner beauty

True beauty comes from within. That’s nothing new – yet we get swept away by all these expectations we place on ourselves to look a certain way and fit society’s beauty standards. We spend so much energy focusing on superficial things, failing to actually take care of our inner self. But only when we say YES to ourselves – in every possible aspect, when we cultivate that self love, only then we can shine from within.


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4AM Thoughts

IMG_9979-2I’m the girl that stops to take pictures of flowers and the setting sun, freaking out about the sky turning pink. I’m the one you’ll much rather find moon gazing on a Friday night than in a smoky club. I love windowsills and rooftops, I want to hear about your visions and I’m interested in the dreams you had when you were a child. Talk to me about your fears and that what makes your heart skip a beat. You know, I wonder what you think about when you can’t sleep at 4 am. For the longest time I thought I need to hide certain aspects of myself in order to fit in. Too emotional. Too sensitive, too deep. Too fragile. Continue reading


Hello everybody ♥

I have another post in the pipeline about what I did in Tirol last week. But first I wanted to give you a life or rather health update and explain what has been going on with my body. I mentioned it in some posts on Instagram already but I thought since this is such a complex topic it’s best to write on here. Especially because so many of you contacted me with questions and sadly similar health concerns. I hope by sharing my experiences I can help some of you! I have been looking into this topic for several months now, doing a ton of research.  It’s actually becoming a problem for more and more people – yet most doctors / general practitioners don’t really take it seriously or simply don’t know enough about it.  Continue reading

My Favourite Workouts & How I Keep My Boobs Save (ad)

Studioworkout_02_028One of the most frequently asked questions I get is what my workout routine looks like. So first of all I want to say that everybody is different and I want to encourage you to find a routine and style of training that fits YOUR lifestyle and body. There is no point in trying to do the exact same thing as someone else is doing because at the end of the day you are not going to stay consistent and get real results if you don’t enjoy your workouts. Some people love lifting heavy weights at the gym while others enjoy long bike rides in nature – and for you it might be playing volleyball or dancing ballet (which I did for many years). You can stay active in so many different ways! Don’t be afraid to try out different things until you find something that you truly enjoy. I used to often let insecurities win when it came to trying new sports – so a little reminder to all of us: it’s not about being good at something right away – it’s about taking ourselves on a journey, discovering ourselves and what our beautiful bodies are capable of.

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It’s raining and I’m sitting by the open balcony window. I’m wearing long jeans and my feet are cold. I somehow like this weather. It fits how I feel inside right now. And I like the sound of raindrops hitting the windows and the roof of my apartment. But hey it’s August! This summer has been so weird. Colder. So much rain. Rarely seen a clear blue sky. I crave summer nights, those nights you dream of on grey winter days, nights spend in shorts and shirt, strolling through the streets, sharing stories and laughs. And I crave someone to share them with.

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Let’s do this.

Hello beautiful souls.

You have no idea how many days I have been pushing this away. Weeks in fact. Or rather months.

If you follow me on Instagram (@jiliciousjourney) you know that I use that platform for my “blogging”. It has been my diary for the last couple of years and I love sharing my thoughts on there. But in saying that I do regret that I haven’t really been using my blog, because while I do reach a lot of people with my captions on IG daily, a) it’s not really the perfect place for long deep writings and b) people usually don’t really go back and read older posts so they somewhat get lost.

Instagram has become a comfort zone for me. Suffering with mental health makes many things that seem normal and achievable for others insanely hard for me. This is true for many areas in my life. One being my work and this blog. Can you believe that I actually had anxiety to start writing here?

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Brownie Ice Cream Dream

Hello beautiful souls ♥︎

Today I am sharing with you the brownie nicecream recipe I created a few weeks ago. This is an absolute DREAM for every chocolate lover and will not only satisfy any sweet craving but also basically take you to food heaven. I promise! It’s absolutely simple to make, totally healthy and guilt free but so delectable that it can easily compete with every dairy ice cream.

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And if you ask me, it’s 100 times better because a) it’s so healthy that you can actually enjoy a huge bowl of it without fearing stomach pain or feeling heavy afterwards, b) it’s raw vegan made with only wholesome nutritious ingredients that are good for your body and c) it proves once again that nobody needs refined sugar or animal products to create a delicious dessert – well or breakfast, whenever you crave something chocolaty.

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Brother-Sister-Day ♥︎

Familie kommt bei mir absolut an erster Stelle. Vor allem da ich im Moment so viel unterwegs bin, versuche ich in der Zeit zwischen meinen Reisen möglichst viel mit meinen Liebsten zu machen. Diese Tage sind dann wirklich wie “Batterien-Aufladen” und tun mir unglaublich gut. Die letzten Jahre waren sehr turbulent und da bin ich heute umso dankbarer, wie gut das Verhältnis zu meiner Family ist. Es war bestimmt nicht immer leicht, aber harte Zeiten schweißen zusammen…

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Das ist vielleicht mal Thema für einen anderen Blogpost, aber heute wollte ich euch von meinem Bruder-Schwester-Tag letzten Samstag erzählen.

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